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Renewal Issue


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Two years ago I was residing in Germany and I bought 2 year license. Now my licence is expiring and when I go to the renew page I chose Germany as country of residence and submitted my order. Few hours later I received an email stating that it is not possible to proceed my order, because of some EU laws and VAT regulations and I should submit my order stating my current country of residence. Fine, but my country(Bulgaria) is not listed there.


After emailing the support and pointing out that my country is not in the list, they sent me an URL pointing to a website in French which belongs to Nexway. I went to the website I entered my credentials and got the following message: "The renewal of our website is possible only for products purchased in France."


I emailed the support again to ask them again how can I renew my licence and they response was: "You may have to place a completely new order and not try to renew your license as it's a different website."


So, instead of renewing my licence and getting the reduced rate for it I have to make "completely new order".


Is there anyone that can advice me what to do?


Thank you!

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