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EFS 6 Folder Exclusion,RDP and SQL security

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I would appreciate your help in trying to configure EFS 6.0.12035.0 before deciding if do deploy it to a new sql server I'm suppose to install for a client of mine.

The server is 2012 R2 standard and have SQL 2008 R2 standard installed on it and it is configured as a simple file server (Not Domain Controller) to keep things simple to maintain on the client site by the client himself.


I want to know please :


1. What folders and extension should I exclude for the SQL ?

2. I saw no folder exclusion in EFS 6. I saw only extension exclusion. Where is it ?

3. Is there recommended method to allow a secure RDP connection ? (I've opened ports 3389 TCP and UDP)

4. I opened ports 135,1433,1434,2283 and 4022 TCP only for SQL database connection). Is that ok ?


Thank you in advance. 

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