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ESET smart security cd not running

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Just bought ESET Smart Security (1 computer 1 year) and it does not RUN. I have already unistalled my previous antivirus! I would like a heads up!  Thank you!

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I would not install from the CD as it probably has an older version on it. Instead download the latest version from ESET's website so you get the latest version installed from the start. Now, even if your CD has e.g version 7 or even older version on it your license will work for the very latest version too as the license is not tied to a specific version since product/version upgrades are free of charge for license holders.


If you don't know if your Windows OS is 32 or 64-bit use the live installer and it'll download the right one for you.



If you know whether your OS is 32 or 64-bit you could also choose to download the offline installer from here.


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