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ESET V6 Experience and Questions


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1. After installing the ERA 6 on our server (windows 2008 R1), we've tried to deploy agent to the clients that are unmanaged. but after following the steps on knowledgebase on how to deploy agent it ends in a FAILED status. all ports are open for eset v6 (TCP/UDP).


2. Is ESET V6 capable of making package like in ESET V5? (installer+policy)


3. When i have 10 clients that are being managed to the console and then i've deleted one user to the computer group in the console. I was hoping to see the the user which is deleted be back in the console monitoring after 20mins(default). but it doesn't report to the server until now.


4. There are computers that have both ERA Agent and Eset Endpoint installed. but when i look in the console some computers have no endpoint icon on their name, it's just ERA Agent(BOX). I think the console is not real time monitoring for now?


Hoping for answers with my questions thanks

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1, Please check ERAS trace.log for possible reasons why the install failed. Please refer to this KB article for a list of requirements for a push install:



2, No, it's not possible to create custom packages with ERA6, However, once you have deployed the agent on clients, the appropriate policy will be applied as soon as Endpoint v6 is installed (within a minute after the install I reckon).


3, As long as the agent is installed on the target computer and successfully connects to ERAS, the computer should appear in ERA.


4, Has Endpoint v6 been installed on the target machines for a longer time but still doesn't appear to be installed in ERA?

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3. the target computer still has the agent but it doesnt appear on the ERA for 3days now.


4. yes, i have a machine that has both endpoint v6 and agent. but the only the icon for agent appears on the ERA.

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