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ESET Store Purchase

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My current license of ESS/Nod 32 was a box purchase.


Questions about ordering from the ESET store :


1) From what I've gathered, if I wish to change the number of users for the license I could accomplish this by contacting ESET through the GUI, ESET contact link. Correct?


2) Since my license is from a boxed version, would the ESET store, renewal discount be applicable?


3) What form of payment does the ESET store accept?


4) Where are the transaction records held?


5) Is the transaction set up as a recurring one?






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Hi eshrugged,


You can submit a request to our sales team using the form in the GUI, however the quickest way to reach them is over the phone at 1-866-343(3738). I'm going to let them answer your questions 2-4 since they can do so better than I can, but I do know that the renewal transaction is not recurring, you need to contact us when it's time to renew.

Hope this helps

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