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ESET Managed FDE centralized managment

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Hi, I hope you are fine. We have deployed ESET FDE in our environment. we have an employee count of around 500+. the point I have a point in my mind, like what if? We enable pre-boot authentication. Sometimes we have scenarios like the system failed for some reason. Will we be able to recover or boot the SSD drive in a different system? 

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Hi @ammar akhtar,

So long as you have the correct EFDE Recovery File (efderecovery.dat) from the ESET Protect Console you'll be able to Decrypt any FDE'd disk in any Computer in which it is installed. This is true whether it be Encrypted using the TPM or not.

However, if not using the TPM and the FDE'd Boot Disk itself is not having any sort of faults. You should be able to boot into Windows OS, reconnect it to the ESET Protect Console using the ESET Management Agent and apply a 'Decryption' policy to do this also.

So do not worry, unless the Disk has completely failed itself, EFDE can always be removed/decrypted.

Thank you,


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