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Hacker knows all my activities

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About a year ago, I became friends with someone online. Later, this friend became very obsessive and fixated on me, and behaved very predatory and suspicious, so I cut contact and deleted all my accounts and online presence. Sometime later maybe a month or two, this person started somehow finding me online and know all my activities. I made alt accounts with random names and random emails, and made posts about personal stuff, and asked personal things online, even just surfing the web online, and somehow this person knows exactly what it is. It’s almost as if this person is just watching my computer 24/7, monitoring it. I don’t recall downloading anything, or clicking on anything. I even clean installed my PC and downloaded a lot of antivirus software, and wiped a lot of hard drives. For example, recently I was obsessed with the TV series “The Sopranos”, and made many reddit posts about it online with throwaway accounts, and even surf the web about it on browsers like Edge, and then later I received a text message on my phone mentioning things related to the TV show to mess with me. How is it possible?

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