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False positive - WizTree 4.17 Installer

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My Eset NOD32 keeps complaining that https://diskanalyzer.com/files/wiztree_4_17_setup.exe is a Suspicious Object. I did submit online via NOD32 as a password protected zip 2 days ago but still nothing.

Submitting via email is a real pain because Gmail blocks any attempt to attach a password protected zip with an EXE in it.

Can someone take a look? Thanks.

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A wile back i had the same problem. Could not send a sample to ESET, because it was a .EXE file. I solved this by uploading the .RAR to Google Drive and send an email to ESET (as mention here ) with the download link of the file.

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2 hours ago, hesetsheset said:

Just tried rebooting and the same thing is happening. It is not letting me complete the download from the website.

Do you still have the ESET LiveGrid reuputation system enabled? The file was unblacklisted several hours ago so there's no reason why it would be still blocked.

Should the file be still detected, please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

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@Marcos The file is detected by ESET Liveguard.


If i downgrade to internet Security, no detection.


Edit2: Upgraded again and now detection is gone.



Schermafbeelding 2024-01-25 154824.png

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