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ESET is blocking VPN for apps installed after ESET

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I have VPN that I connect with Pulse Secure. The VPN works fine in Firefox (I can access protected resource) but fail on Google Chrome and NodeJS.

I use Xubuntu 22.04 and to be sure I run Xubuntu Live version on my private laptop and VPN works fine without ESET.

Is there any configuration I can modify to allow VPN for Google Chrome and NodeJS?

I can't find any configuration, the GUI have nothing. I was not able to test if stopping ESET will solve the issue, because the software don't have any way of disabling it. It act kind like Malware it's just installed and you can't do anything with it (It was installed by my company but it would be nice if there is an option to disable it temporarily)

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According to https://help.eset.com/eeau/10/en-US/?web_access_protection.html, the following VPNs are tested and compatible with ESET Endpoint:





Please raise a support ticket for further troubleshooting of the issue.

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