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  1. Well, since the home version is gonna be discontinued by 2023 and we're in 2021, I very much hope that we're gonna have a proper GUI in ESET V8 by then...
  2. This! Please introduce options in the UI that the user can choose, don't rely on the administrators for everything and you'll make both home users and business users happy! C'mon ESET, you can do it. It's better for everyone this way.
  3. For what it's worth, real time protection using the new version of the antivirus works on Fedora 34... That being said, I won't update for the aforementioned reasons. I hope ESET 8 will have a fully featured local user interface by then otherwise I'll stop paying for the product, which is a shame, really... I really hope ESET will listen to its users rather than lose them... @Marcos would you please bring this whole thread and the issues raised in it to the attention of ESET and its developers? We're just users, but you're part of the staff, so we would really appreciate if you could do something on your side.
  4. And here lies the problem: with the fact that NOD32 is gonna be discontinued, home users like me are being prompted to upgrade to ESET Endpoint Antivirus v8 and have received a business licence for it via email. This is ok if it wasn't for the fact that in businesses from what I understand users will have virtually no control over what is done underneath as everything is handled by the IT Department of the organization through ESET PROTECT. This is kinda a problem 'cause for home users such a solution makes no sense; I mean, using two different products to manage the same system. I think that, going forward, there are gonna be two options: either not deprecated NOD32 and keep offering definitions update etc, or introduce the very same options that were available in NOD32 in the new ESET Endpoint Antivirus v8 and introduce something to check what the rules are and either enable users to modify those settings and use the options or disable them from using them and hand over the control to the IT Department in case of a corporate environment. This way, both home users and business users are gonna be happy. Exactly what I said: here we're seeing home users being pushed towards a business oriented solution with no regard to home users... Which is far from ideal for home users... Please add all the other options, you're gonna make lots of people happy, I mean it...
  5. Hi, I've upgraded from the old version of the Linux Antivirus to the new one based on ESET 8 and I thought we were gonna go forward, not backwards, I had great expectations, but you let me down... The new user interface is a joke, it doesn't let you do anything. It just says "You're protected" and that's it, it doesn't let you run System Scan, choose which kind of scan you're gonna perform, see the stats about the real time protection, see quarantined files, personalize exceptions etc. Nothing. It's just a "box" with little to no user interaction. I'm gonna downgrade to version and stick with it 'till the end of support. If by then the user interface of ESET 8 has coped with it, I'll upgrade, otherwise I'll just look for a different antivirus and not renew my licence... It's a shame, really, 'cause you're discontinuing an old product which works fine in favor of a new one which does less than the old one... I know that there's the command line usage etc, but some people want the user interface, not the command line... I mean, how on earth is this: Better than this:
  6. Hi, I set up a simple Linux Switch running Fedora and I installed UFW and Nod32. The Switch is supposed to take internet from the router, block certain ports using a UFW (Linux Uncomplicated Firewall) and create a NAT Network in which devices can or cannot access each others according to how the switch is configured. So far so good. Then I just thought "hold on a second; considering that the majority of computers that are gonna be connected to the switch are running Windows, I could protect them from threats directly from the Switch", so I installed Nod32. Question: is Nod32 for Linux able to protect computers running Windows from Windows-specific threats? Does it scan HTTPS traffic? Does it support TLS1.3 or is it gonna support it anytime soon? Thank you in advance.
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