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  1. Ahhhhhh wait, I saw the screw up now, it says, there's no The changelog order is wrong then. From the website, if you select version 9 and expand the changelog section it says: Version Added: Auto-updates & New EULA Added: Support of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Added: Support of Linux Mint 20 Improved: On-Access scan stability improvement Improved: Sample delete settings for ESET LiveGuard Advanced Improved: Severity marks in GUI notification icons Fixed: Performance exclusion issues in case of large number of paths Fixed: On-demand scan for root user only Fixed: Multiple GUI visual fixes Removed: ESET Shared Local Cache due to EOL status Removed "follow mode" parameter from quar utility Version Fixed: Compilation of kernel modules fails with latest kernels on Ubuntu 22.04 Version Fixed: Internally discovered vulnerability CVE-2023-2847 Version Added: ESET Enterprise Inspector support Added: On-demand scan feature in application GUI Added: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Mate desktop support Added: Scan information available when using odscan utility Added: On-demand scan logs displayed per user Fixed: A potential vulnerability in the on-access scanner - reported internally (CVE-2022-0615) Fixed: Real-time File System Protection blocking Desktop Central Agent Fixed: Settings not reflected properly when using cfg utility Fixed: Problems with product update when using Turkish locale Fixed: Issues with a protection status and expiration when using offline license Fixed: Incorrectly displayed strings in GUI when not supported locale is used Fixed: Meta data not deleted during log optimization process Fixed: Issues with handling non-UTF paths in running scans Version Fixed: Internally discovered vulnerability CVE-2023-2847 So... the order is wrong, should be way down, above and below Oh and the order of and should be swapped.
  2. Yes but version was released on February 8th, 2024. Version 10.x (feature release) was released today, May 15th, 2024, along with its equivalent 9.x (maintenance release) which is, however in the 9.x download page there's no link, just an updated changelog.
  3. Nope... looks like it's not found... https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/eea/linux/g2/v9/
  4. the link on the download button points to https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/eea/linux/g2/v9/ but it should point to https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/eea/linux/g2/v9/ instead. The SHA2 checksum should also be updated.
  5. Today version was released, however when I try to download it from the website https://www.eset.com/ch-en/business/download/endpoint-antivirus-linux/ it points me back to version instead of Filename: eeau_x86_64.bin | File size: 700 MB |Version:
  6. I've been with ESET since January 2016 on Linux, but with Nod32. That antivirus got basically no version updates whatsoever other than definition updates and yet it worked like a charm from kernel 4.2 (2015) up to kernel 6.1 (2023). It never ever broke. A friend of mine was with Ubuntu while I was with Fedora and we were both very happy. In my case, it worked from Fedora 23 up until Fedora 37 until it finally broke with Fedora 38. I've been with Eset Endpoint Protection ever since and I'm paying a lot of money for Endpoint given that my friend and I are private users, not a company and out of 5 licenses we're using 3 of them on my PC (Fedora), my family PC (Fedora) and my friend's PC (Ubuntu). Unfortunately, ESET Endpoint Protection constantly breaks, so, to avoid having issues, I had to version lock the kernel on Fedora to version 6.3.13 first and 6.5.12 now. My other friend, instead, is also on kernel 6.5 but he's with Ubuntu 24.04 and therefore he has not been able to run Eset as he's waiting for a fix. What I'm struggling to understand is: how come you could make Nod32 work without any updates for 8 years (2015-2023) and yet Endpoint Protection constantly breaks despite being regularly updated? I feel like I'm paying more to have less. Endpoint Protection is still lacking a lot of features that were in Nod32. I paid the license 'till 2026 but as much as I wanna support Eset, I'm really struggling to see how should I... Please, I know that Linux users are a tiny minority but we're still paying customers...
  7. I just updated actually 'cause I had a bit of spare time and it worked like a charm. I'm happily writing from kernel 6.5.13.
  8. Thank you J.J! Next week I'll upgrade to 6.5.13 (released on November 28th, 2023) and I'll let you know.
  9. Hey there, version supported up to kernel 6.3.13 from July 11th 2023. That's the version I'm currently running. A few days ago, on February the 8th 2024, version was released specifically to support newer kernels. What's the most recent ESET supported kernel I can update to?
  10. Sorry I meant July 11th 2023, but still... Can you also try what happens with OPEN VPN?
  11. And it's working correctly?! Very interesting! I'm also on Fedora but to make it work I had to version lock the kernel to 6.3.13 from April 2023 as I couldn't manage to make it work with anything more recent...
  12. Another year passed, so I added my feedback... this now marks my 8th year with ESET. I started using ESET 8 years ago as it was literally the only company out there providing a Linux antivirus for home users, namely NOD32. It was fast, lightweight and it just kept working, the user interface was very basic and old-style and even the antivirus features were limited but it was everything I needed as a home user. Unfortunately, due to the tiny market of home linux users (less than 1% of net market share, really), ESET sadly discontinued NOD32, leaving us with only one option: "upgrade" to ESET Endpoint Protection. Aside from the added cost that this brought (which is considerably higher for a home user, given that you're forced to purchase 5 licenses even if you need 1), to this day ESET Endpoint Protection for Linux has less options than NOD32. The GUI is reduced to the very minimum and it doesn't even have a button to perform a full system scan, it doesn't have a button to enable/disable the individual shields, it doesn't have a button to set exceptions (like specific paths that should be excluded), it doesn't have an option to see quarantined files and eventually restore them and/or send them to ESET for evaluation in case the user thinks they're false positives, it doesn't have an option to choose what the antivirus is supposed to do when it faces a threat (like, remove it automatically? move it to quarantine? ask the user?), it doesn't have an option to schedule scans (like if the user wants to setup automatic scans every night at 2AM when the computer isn't in use etc). I mean, ESET Endpoint Protection for Linux is lacking a lot of features, the GUI is too minimal and it also doesn't support the latest kernels which is forcing people to either stick with an older long time support kernel like 6.1.x or update to and end of life kernel which has already been deprecated like 6.3.13 (which is currently the last one supported). I know that Linux is still a tiny market, but please, find some space in your heart to support us 'cause we're feeling left behind.
  13. Hi Jack, it's not a matter of Fedora, it's the web access protection that is malfunctioning even on supported distro like RHEL (which comes from Fedora and CentOS). I'm happily running ESET (which doesn't have web access protection) on Fedora 40, but you need to keep one thing in mind: you can't use any kernel newer than 6.3.13-200.fc38.x86_64 (you can version lock it in dnf so that it updates everything else but the kernel)
  14. Yep, the web scan on the new 10.x antivirus has caused a lot of issues to plenty of users on plenty of distro. Sadly we all ended up doing the same thing: rolling back to 9.x Currently I'm on version which doesn't have the web scan and it works reliably. I'll only move to a newer version when the web scan will be either deactivable from the GUI or fixed and made more friendly. One thing to note if you actually decide to stick with version 9.x, make sure to kernel-lock your OS so that it never upgrades past kernel 6.3.13 'cause newer kernels are incompatible. Aside from that you can update everything else and in terms of support version 9.x will be supported 'till 2026, so we're good. I sincerely hope that ESET will improve things way sooner than that, though.
  15. It's not a matter of distro, it's a matter of kernel. You can use the current Ubuntu or, for that matter, any other recently updated distro like Fedora, CentOS Stream etc, as long as you stick with kernel 6.3.13. Any kernel newer than that won't work. For instance, I'm on Fedora 39, but I version locked the kernel to 6.3.13 and ESET Endpoint runs fine. I also recommend sticking with version 9.x of the antivirus given that version 10 introduces web protection which is completely broken and would block all your internet traffic, as already reported by multiple people on this forum.
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