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I attacked by virus and hacked my fb account

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I have used eset internet security. a new client send me link of tasks information. I have scan file as well using eset. eset told me no virus available. then I open that file, that was virus. they access my pc and hacked my  fb account. My questions why eset bypass this virus?



Sohel Rana

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9 minutes ago, Sohel Rana said:

Unfortunately I have formeted my pc and no documents available. 

By doing this, there is no way to validate your claim or to perform forensic analysis as to what the malware is.

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A few weeks ago, my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail accounts fell victim to a hack orchestrated by rambler.ru. This incident led me through a painstaking ordeal of seeking assistance from these platforms. I had to verify my identity using my passport in order to regain access to my compromised accounts. The hacker displayed cunning tactics by altering my default email addresses to unfamiliar ones. I suspect that my credentials might have been exposed due to a breach affecting services like LastPass or analogous platforms. I strongly recommend enabling two-factor or multi-factor authentication as a proactive measure to ensure your long-term online security.

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21 minutes ago, nabeelmansoor said:

A few weeks ago, my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail accounts fell victim to a hack orchestrated by rambler.ru.

Similar posting here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Malware/comments/14nwzgh/rambler_ru_malware_hacking_accounts/?rdt=42159 .

I would think it is common sense to stay away from Russian web sites these days.


An elevated amount of abusive accounts have recently originated from rambler.ru, which we would classify as a medium risk profile.


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Rambler is a website that is similar to Yahoo/MSN and is owned by Sberbank , I doubt it will launch attacks on specific users to steal their instant messaging accounts :mellow:

Another connection is that the attackers used emails from Rambler.ru services , which is the same thing if the attacker used gmail or proton or whatever , since even bad actors that aren't connected to PC work used ProtonMail which is based on Switzerland.

It doesn't matter where it's coming from , even if from your friends , if the link isn't supposed to come or the message look weird , don't open it

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