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Vuln and Patch - no patches available


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Hi, just throwing it out here before trouble support incase its an easy solution im overlooking...

I am testing the new Vuln + Patch Mgmt feature.

Have followed the KB article on setting the policy/schedule etc - https://support.eset.com/en/kb8451-enable-and-configure-vulnerability-and-patch-management-in-eset-protect-cloud#patch-all-except-excluded-app

Its found vulnerabiltes in Teams and Zoom on my test machine, but Patch Management still says no patches available.

AM i missing something to get it to find the patches too?



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I have seen this as well.  Some versions of Zoom it has patches for, others not.  So I think it just means it doesn't have a patch yet, so you would have to manually upgrade to latest version.  I have also ran into situations where the application is installed in the profile of someone on the PC, those never seem to be able to apply patches.

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