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Uninstall via CLI

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My company is using ESET Protect and Inspect hosted on-prem but our licenses expire on August 2nd.  Our plan was to use the console to uninstall the agent from all devices after the 2nd by using the uninstall task via the computers pane in Protect.  However we realize we may lose the ability to run tasks once our license expires. 

The backup plan is to use Intune Scripts and push out a short script to each endpoint to have the agent removed.  We have both mac and Windows workstations.  I found a way for mac here but have not found a way to use a script to uninstall ESET from Windows.  

The guidance I'm looking for is:
1. Will we be able to run the uninstall task once the license expires? 
2. Is anyone aware of how to uninstall the ESET agent using the CLI for Windows? 

If I need to provide more information I'm more than happy to, thanks everyone! 

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here are the steps on how to uninstall ESET via CLI:

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Type the following command:
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall ESET.

Here is an example of how to uninstall ESET via CLI:

$ esetuninstaller

ESET Uninstaller

Welcome to the ESET Uninstaller.

This utility will uninstall ESET products from your computer.

To continue, press Enter.

Press Ctrl+C to exit.


Please wait while ESET products are being uninstalled...

Uninstall of ESET products completed successfully.

Do you want to delete the ESET installation directory? (Y/N)


Uninstall of ESET products completed successfully.
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The above can only be used in safe mode if the standard uninstallation fails for whatever reason.

In a managed environment, I'd recommend sending a Software uninstall task to clients:


Last but not least, we would appreciate if you could share your feedback and let us know why you are removing ESET. Constructive feedback will help us improve the products for other users or you if you decide to use ESET again in the future.

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