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No sorting? In firewall editor window... and more...

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last firewall editor design change is nice, but it still lacks on the most BASIC funcionality - sorting by headers !!! please !!! that is BASIC FEATURE !!!


and there should be more than only 7 ! paramaters to show...


(path without executable, size of app, date of creation, date of last use,...)

and there should be some option to rename multiple rules for better sorting - for example with "search and replace" option...

and, the search dialog (magnifier symbol right up) - should have some "AND" and "OR" and "NOT" logic implemented... (and/or regex capability)...

this few details will have a huge impact for "advanced users" who are dissatisfied with the "rules editor" funcionallity FOR YEARS !!!

You heavy rely on Your point of view what should be the users able to do - but don't see that this product lacks on "base funcionality" what the normal windows goes on. when there is some info in header, some criteria, it should be at least sortable by them... like in common windows...

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We value any constructive feedback from users. The program, including the firewall and rule editor, is subject to further development. Users can request features via their local ESET distributors and if there's a demand for a specific feature, we seriously consider it for implementation. Our goal is to tailor the product and its functionalities to the needs and liking of our users and this is what we've been doing for years - listen to our users and develop the products also based on users' feedback.

As for sorting rules, this is indeed tracked as an improvement and should be implemented in future versions.

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and, please, get rid of the problem of vanishing firewall new communication detected pop-up window... the whole system should be restarted, when this occurs - that is really annoying when this happens - because then some new programs looks like they doesn't work properly, but they only lacks on connection - and that is the result of missing "allow/deny" pop-up window.

and perhaps - can be there somewhere in firewall advanced setting be an switch (checkbox), which causes, that every new communication (unknown) should pop-up his self new pop-up window independent of another ones ? so not the current schema of "wait for decision on first, show the next until not answered..." (and perhaps to have an option to place it offseted to previous one - so all are visible even if they are a lot of them, or in one place - one behind another...) - so or so - You should every time go through all the questions also it doesn't matter how many there will be, but it is really important, if You have only one place on screen filled with lets say 30 pop-ups, or whole screen covered with offseted pop-ups... but it should be user-choosable...


(but this has probably something with rule processing order... but who knows how it can be handled by eset kernel ? perhaps 4-th answered pop-up can go into rule processing chain, then 1-st one, later number 20... - and ant the end when all pop-ups are processed, user has so or so all rules in rule processing chain... but 1-st answered rule (program) can easy work, and You can answer something else later - and not that You should be ordered by the order of first aapeared question pop-up, then second, third... You have no choise at this scenario...)

hope it is clear what I mean with that... 🙂

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