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Make webcam access protection "Ask every time" as the default selection

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Is there a way to make the webcam protection's option "Ask every time" as the one that is selected by default? When the confirmation dialog pops up it hat to always be manually clicked before clicking the botton allow. The defualt option is "Remember for this application".



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No, there's no such setting that would enable you to choose which of the offered actions will be the default one. I assume that the reason behind is to create rules after selecting an action and thus reduce the number of further pop-ups for home users.


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The pop-up is fine and I want to be asked each time, but it'd be easier to handle this by not having to select "Ask every time" every time as by just clicking "Allow access" you'll never see this popup again. However, I accept your answer and consider making it a feature request... when I find out how to provide such feedback to ESET.

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I have the same trouble with this.  I need to change the default to "ask every time" or remove this option altogether.  A link to settings would be more useful as no one wants to have to choose the same rule every time camera access is requested... and chrome requests webcam access like it is its favorite drug.  If I make a mistake in this (forget to tell it to keep the current rule) I have to go into the settings to make the fix.  I estimate I am in settings at least once a day because of this.

I understand it may not be 'broken' but it is counterintuitive.  It would be helpful not to have this requirement to confirm the rule every time it is invoked.

I like the software and have used it off and on for many years.  Thanks!

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