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Device control and removeable SD card readers


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Hi everyone,


we are facing an issue regarding external sd card readers and device control. 

The device control does not block inserted sd cards in external sd card readers. They don't even show up, when searching for external devices inside the device control rules. What does show up is the sd card reader itself. But not every model of readers seem to work properly. We don't want to restrict all sd card readers. But if we register a single reader inside the device control, the user can bypass the control with every memory card they find laying on the floor.

Is it somehow possible to check for connected sd cards and not the reader?

Does someone have experience or a model recommendation for sd card readers which can be used with eset device control, because they actually connect the sd card to the system and don't function as a sort of proxy?

Are we facing an issue here or is this simply because of how sd card readers work?


kind regards


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Please raise a support ticket since advanced Device control log and further investigation by developers will be needed.

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