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Problems renewing certificates. Unmanaged endpoints. Solution?

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Good morning.

Reading the ESET recommendations a bit, I began to update the ESET PROTECT certificates (on premise). Although I was very cautious, apparently not everything went as it was supposed to.

We currently have 900 computers, only half have migrated. The problem is that management of the other half has been lost since the day of migration (05-31). Although the certificate was not yet expired, they used the old "sha1RSA" algorithm.

I'm no computer security expert, and I'm really going to need a big hand to figure it out. Although I hope I can solve it without major problem.
Let me tell you a little about what I did:
- First update the Certificate Authority, and change said certificate from "Settings-Connection-Certificate". This step required a restart of the console, which I proceeded to do.

- Secondly, generate new certificates that we were using at the moment (Server - Agent - Proxy).

- Third, I made a new policy, to migrate the agents from the old certificate to the new one. And it is in this step that I never recovered the management of half of the teams (approx. 450). The problem is that most of these computers are connected outside the company network.

The question is the following: Can I go back all the steps taken? The old certificates have not yet been revoked, and they expire in 2026.

I will appreciate if you can help me as soon as possible.

Kind regards...

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