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Eset Internet Security Problem With Chrome VPN Extension (Not Working)

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Thanks for the answeres here

In these days here in my country they are blocking every vpn on the planet and poisioning pizzas & forced us to make children without any house or enough income for handle their life.

They pierced and poisioned all condoms to achieve their goals.

They released v2ray proxy and you know this proxy is like Colander and does not work as well as other proxies & it is better for the garbage.

We do n't have access to any social media programs and apps such as youtube-facebook-intagram and etc.

They filtered all search engines and do n't let us to use them any more and because of their censorships many foreign web sites have problems to load.

They released some copy of telegram app with many ads and stealing people's instagram contents inside that app.

They released a horrible car more than millions here with the name of "quic".

When you mentioned about quic protocol on chrome i freezed on my bench.

That can is like and they are selling it around 1 million $.

You know situatuin is very horrible here & we hanged totally.

They threated us about drugs and other horrible things.

Some people on the street are carrying holy books and threat people with that book.

We do n't do anything illegal with internet and just want to be like other countries without stealing data and personal information.

They are gathering people's personal date for a huge database and these actions are for more control on people.


Problem solved by disabling protocol filtering on eset.

Now tell us how fix it when protocol filtering is enable?


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That can is like and they are selling it around 1 million $.



"That car is like s.h.i.t and they are selling it around 1 million $. to sreal people's money"

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