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Ads from RevMob,StartApp,LeadBold as a threat?

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I m a android developer and i want to use RevMob,StartApp,LeadBold ad networks but i cant because of esset mobile antivirus.

my users complained of pop up  message "Threat" and user think that my app has a virus.

i ve contact with the 3 companies above and esset several times, but NOTHING...

is there something else that i can do? any solution?

thank you all

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I reckon these applications are not detected as malware but as potentially unwanted applications (ie. the detection is optional and is not enabled without user's consent). Since this forum does not serve as a communication channel for disputing detections and we are in no way responsible for detection and classification of applications, we'll draw this topic to a close. For instructions for contacting ESET Research Lab, please refer to this KB article.

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