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ESET PROTECT (Web-Konsole) "Network Error: Unexpected End of JSON input"

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Hi there,

i expirence a problem with ESET PROTECT (Web-Console) Version 9.0 ( wich runs on a virtual Windows Server 2019 here on our Server.

When i log in with my Administrator-Account everything works well. Sometimes it is a bit slow, but it is ok so far. But there are no messages shown which inidcates any errors.

Now i created a user in the console and gave him the rights to manage his dynamic group. First thing i notice when i log in with this user is, that everything is very very slow and after a while there shows a message up (see attachement). This comes several times. Then you can click serveral for example on the dynamic group with the host-objects of this customer, and after some trys the hosts are shown but still everything is very slow.

I'm a little bit clueless to be honest. Maybe someone here has an idea.






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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide more details of this environment and method you used for deployment? Asking as it seems to be related to communication between browser and console, so it might be related to configuration of Apache Tomcat, and also other network related components in between - for example load balancers, etc.
Also we have experienced problems in environments, where clients do have multiple IP addresses which were changed randomly between requests - but regardless of that, I would recommend to open standard support ticket and collect at lest HAR logs from browser communication, which should help diagnose this communication problem.

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