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On fully configured with all necessary applications installed on Windows 7 and 10 what would be considered  still "Safe time frame" for learning mode before switching back to Interactive.

My younger son who is very busy at University, also who is not much tech guy, so I suspect he would probably just allow anything that would pop on the screen. I would like to run learning mode for as long as possible to minimize  that after all, at the same time still keep it safe.

I was trying to research that first, but  I could only find vague answers and going to "learning Mode" settings by default the time frame is set to something like a month or so which I'm not sure if its safe or not.

Thank you


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Learning mode option applies to two Eset protections; firewall and HIPS. Which one are you referring to?

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15 minutes ago, URBAN0 said:

I'm referring to firewall learning mode.


Someone else might be able to help you with the learning mode as it's not something I currently use, but your Son might be fine with just Automatic, which is the recommended setting for general users/non technical users.

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