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iOS app does not populate login fields

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I have 2 licences.  My wife and I both have iPhones. My wife has an iPhone 8 running iOS 15.1  I'm running iOS 15.2 on an iPhone 7.

I use ESET Password Manager very happily.

When my wife tries to use it on her phone, the login fields on websites do not get populated.  The behaviour whether she taps in a site from within Password Manager or she goes directly to a site from her browser is the same...

She gets the prompt "Password", taps on that, gets ESET Password Manager, and opens it via Touch ID.  She's returned to the browser at the login screen of the chosen website but the fields are not populated.

When I repeat this on my phone, I get similar behaviour BUT when I open ESET Password Manager after the "Password" prompt, I am put into the app with a list of sites that match the URL where I want to log in (usually only one) and when I tap on the appropriate site, the app populates the login fields and puts me back to the browser.

We've uninstalled and reinstalled ESET Password Manager on my wife's phone and closed all running apps and rebooted the phone.  The behaviour does not change.

Please can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks in anticipation.


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