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ServerApi - Get Task progress

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I'm using ServerApi to manage the ESET Protect 8, but I cannot find the corresponding request to get a task's progress.

I'm looking for the request that give the same infos as this link :


Thanks in advance,

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Thank you Marcos, but I already opened a support ticket, and the answer was "why don't you use the web console ?" ...

So i'm asking to advanced users on this forum if anyone has a better answer.

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I assume there are not many users well versed in API here. However, I'd like to contact the French distributor regarding your tickets since the answer you quoted above is not acceptable and the support personnel should have contacted ESET HQ to get an answer and then relay it to you. Please provide the support ticket ID that would help us identify the ticket and possibly also your public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.

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Hi Marcos,

Thank you very much for your availability and your interest for my issues with the ServerApi.

I've opened 2 tickets in the ESET support (the license key is filled in both tickets) :

- CBN-641-64822

- YFO-477-26720

For the first one the easy response from the support was "No to all your questions", and for the second one they ask me why I don't use the webconsole... You will see by yourself.

Thank you again for trying to help me !

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