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ARP Cache Poisoning Attack

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I have 2 computers, computer A (with Eset NOD 32) and computer B (with Eset Internet Security).

Yesterday, I checked the log files of computer B, and under the Internet protection section, I found computer B was attacked 3 times by ARP cache poisoning attack on 1st of July, 3 attacks within 3 consecutive seconds. The source and target of the attack have the same ipv4 (but the string in the square brackets are different for the source and target). I believe that the source is from computer A. Nevertheless, I have run a full scan on computer A and there were no detections.

I have several questions:

1. does this mean computer A has been infected by malware and hijacked? if yes, what should be my next course of action?

2. what does the string in the square bracket mean?

3. the log files show the attack has been blocked off. is computer B safe then?


If this is not the correct subforum, please tell me where I should repost this.

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