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ESET Protect Web Console port changes within apache intermittently and breaks

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We have a bit of a weird one with our ESET Protect windows server and Apache. We use a custom port 8879 for the web console rather than the default 2223.

Our web console intermittently breaks and will not load, when I check the windows server the Apache Tomcat service is stopped - but when started it loads but can't login with error "not connected". I've discovered the web console port within erawebserverconfig.properties appears to revert to the default port 2223. Once I change this to 8879 > restart apache > it works fine as normal.

I've not yet found a pattern, sometimes it's 2-3 days between breaking and on todays occasion it was 2 weeks. We also had this issue on ESMC and recently upgraded to ESET Protect hoping this would fix. We have also installed the latest version of Apache manually but still same problem.

Has anyone seen this before or any ideas why this would happen? 


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  • ESET Staff

I can think of only two possibilities:

  • maybe Apache Tomcat is performing re-deployment of era.war - what method you have actually used for installation of it? Is era.was still present in webapps directory?
  • or maybe there is a components upgrade task scheduled on this client, which also attempts to upgrade console? But this process should retain original configuration file, so it is less probable this is the problem.

Otherwise web-application itself does not require write access to deployed files (in webapps) and is not modifying them, so it will be most probably something from outside...

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Hi Martin, thanks for the response.

I think your first suggestion may be right, the era.war does still sit in the apache webapps directory and a few weeks ago I deleted file this but that seemed delete the webapp as well. I'll do some investigation down that route, must be some way in apache to turn auto deploy or similar.

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