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ESET Internet Security is killing off my NVMe SSD drive [Corsair MP510 512GB]

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Hey there,

Eset Internet Security is writing around 8 MB/s to my NVMe SSD OS drive, and GB of data are jumping faster on my poor NVMe SSD drive than it should. How can I minimize the writes? Can't it whatever it does in RAM or somewhere?

Please advise,

With best regards



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The drives in one way and the another will keep writing/reading for lot of time and then after sometime it will be big data that crossed in and out of this drive which is a normal process so is the drive dying.

Also it's more recommended to use the manufacturer software when needing to see health or status

But could you show a screeshot from Task Manager about ESET process to see how the usage is.

Your drive can go to these speeds according to Corsair :


You shouldn't worry about that usage from ESET , but if you feel that is wrong and still using a lot of what it should normally use , please post a screenshot of it , it could show more information.

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