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  1. Hey there, any chance or ETA on dark skin? Or within half billion of eur revenue it's too much to invest a few hundreds/thousands euros to a dark mode? Come on, don't be morons like Adobe, listen to Your customers, with best uplink
  2. Hey there, Eset Internet Security is writing around 8 MB/s to my NVMe SSD OS drive, and GB of data are jumping faster on my poor NVMe SSD drive than it should. How can I minimize the writes? Can't it whatever it does in RAM or somewhere? Please advise, With best regards uplink
  3. Greetings sir Marcos and up front, thank You for Your super fast reply! Hmm, so is there any chance to scan m.2 NVMe SSD drives with ESET SysRescue? In Legacy BiOS mode?
  4. Greetings Recently, I'm having a trouble with some nasty malware [cryptocurrency miner with a nasty rootkit base], and I'd need to use ESET SysRescue Live. Problem is, ESET doesn't provide the creation tool anymore [for what reason?] and when I used rufus, I used both fat32/mbr and fat32/gpt setting, I wasn't able to boot in non-CMS [uefi/windows secure boot] mode. Only in legacy. And when I boot in legacy, the ESET SysRescue Live doesn't see any of my two Samsung 960 Pro/Evo drives. Could some of You guys advise me, on how to create ESET SysRescue Live bootable in UEFi/GPT mode? [Windows Secure Boot]. Thank You! With kind regards uplink
  5. Yeah, the procmon procedure is kind of complicated and since it freezes whole Free File Sync, or copying of the files, it would take tons of time to extract the log from the program, so I'll do it later. For now, I'll just be happy with turning off the real time protection when I need to copy those files. Well, thank You anyway. Kind regards uplink
  6. Greetings sir Marcos Thank You for Your super fast reply up front! :). Really appreciate it. And as to Your questions. Yes, when I disable the realtime security, copying continues just fine on the next file. In screenshot You can find my version and stuff, I'm not very good with this. If my iD is needed, I can provide it to Your private message [wouldn't like to reveal it to the public]. Thank You once more and for Your eventual help, Kind regards uplink
  7. Hey there guys, It's just that I'm unable to copy my .ipa and .xsl/.xslx files when Eset Endpoint Security is active, also standard EiS. Any chance to fix this bug? Regards uplink
  8. Because it's a functional website I visit for around 5 years, it just acquired coin miner. And it was removed as I wrote it to the admin of the website.
  9. Thank You! I will try to use this. I wrote to the author of the website and the miner is down since today so, I'll know till next time. Thank You once more!
  10. Thank You kindly for Your reply. Well, how should I put it. Been there, it's empty, just like every other place where I can add exceptions. I can only fill them out manually
  11. Erm, no, nothing worked. I don't have any record of the page being blocked, or the script, or nothing, nowhere within the EiS.
  12. Greetings Marcos, Thank You for Your fast reply! I did press "exclude" by mistake. The one in the pop-up. Now I'm unable to find the exclusion I created anywhere in the settings. I even reset the whole Eset, reinstalled Eset [with Revo uninstaller] and did other things :/ On my server [running volume lic. of EES] it didn't even ask about the miner, it simply blocks it and ignores it silently [running Win 2k16 server]. On my desktop, whenever I enter the webpage, all 16 cores hit 100% and I need to turn off the tab immediately. Both because of immense heat it produces [the miner is more cruel than Intel Torture Test, one has yet to see such a marvel] and since they're all running 4.6 GHz, I'm hitting 100°C roof very soon. It's kind of dangerous this little miner. Any clue where it's included, in what settings? I went through all exclusions, I even excluded the website + url of the script itself, and it's still being ignored by EIS. Please advise With kind regards uplink
  13. Greetigns Any clue where I can find an allowed website [it contains JS Miner]? I accidentally allowed it, and I can't find the exclusion nowhere This is the one, I want to block again [please see attached file]. Thank You! Kind regards uplink
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