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How to upgrade WinServer Client 7.1 and PC Client 7.1 to V7.3

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Hi Support. To whom it may concern.

we just noticed there is a message for our PC ESET client "ESET Endpoint Security"  and Server ESET client "ESET File Security for MS WIN SERVER", that both version are 7.1 and going to lose functionality, upgrade to version 7.2 or newer by Apr 15th 2021.

We have ESET Security management center to manage all the PC ESET client and Server ESET client.

how can we use the push policy to push the latest version (v7.3) to all the clients?  we have manage around 400+ clients. (PC+server).

please help give me the guide or link of the document. 


thank you

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You've mentioned that you are using ESMC v7. We'd recommend upgrading the infrastructure to ESET PROTECT (which is in fact a renamed ESMC v8). Upgrade is simple - just send an ESMC components upgrade task to the server and wait for 15-30 minutes before you log in to the web console again. In order to upgrade all components (including Tomcat, Apache HTTP Proxy, MS SQL Express), run the All-in-One ESET PROXY installer (if you don't use a virtual appliance). Prior to upgrade we strongly recommend backing up the db and exporting the CA and peer certificates.

For more detailed information please read https://support.eset.com/en/kb7702.

After upgrading the server to ESET PROTECT, send an ESET PROTECT components upgrade task to clients to upgrade agent to the latest version.

In order to upgrade Endpoint to the latest version 8, create a software install task and send it to clients. We recommend upgrading clients gradually, not all at once. Start with 1 machine and if upgrade goes fine continue with roll out to the next 10, 50 and finally all machines for instance.

In order to upgrade EFSW, send a software install task to the server and the latest version of EFSW as the product. Note: a computer restart may be necessary for AV protection to work after upgrade. Do this only during a maintenance window when you can reboot the server (in the future a reboot won't be required).

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quote "We'd recommend upgrading the infrastructure to ESET PROTECT (which is in fact a renamed ESMC v8). "

for this step, because we are managing more than 400+ clients, we prefer to have a new server which going to install ESET PROTECT (ESMC v8) and copy/move/transfer those settings/policies from old server (v7),  like what we usually do for the Active Directory, 

is it possible? we want to make sure the v8 is up and running without problem before we switch off v7 server. 


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