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Why doesn't the client version auto update - only the definitions?

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As the title suggestions, why don't the endpoint security products auto update (eg from 7.2 to 7.3) ?  Only the virus definitions do.



With 90% of staff working from home its not possible to push this update out via our on-premise ERA (not that it ever worked realiably before) 

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Various protection improvements and fixes of issues are delivered via module updates which happen automatically.

As for program updates, I've recently replied here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/23760-eset-preventing-windows-10-to-update:

As for program updates, so-called uPCU updates are supported as of Endpoint v7, however, we do not provide them yet but there are plans to have them this year. Program update will be controlled via a setting in the advanced update setup and probably won't be automatic by default in a managed environment. Currently it's necessary to install the latest version manually or centrally via ESMC.

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@Embercide in case your computers still retain connectivity with the server, you can still issue the "software install task" with the 7.3 as target version and send it to the clients. They will download the the installers from ESET repository, so will use their connection. Nothing will be downloaded from the locally installed ESMC server.

For the future, most probably for 2021, we will enable auto updates of ESMC agent as well, and the uPCU should be as well launched, as the common goal is to have a "transparent and easy" migration between product versions, so it would work as seamlessly as the module updates. 

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