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Eset blocking most websites on Firefox and Edge


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I recently performed a reinstall of Windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron 5576.  When I installed Eset Nod32 antivirus, I can no longer go to most websites to download programs I had before.  In Mozilla Firefox, it tells me either my system clock is wrong (it isn't) or the website's certificate has expired (on every website).  When I try Microsoft Edge, it just says that the website is not secure. 

I uninstalled Nod32 antivirus, and installed Avast.  I have no problems now.  How do I fix this so I can use Eset Not32 antivirus?  Any help will be appreciated. 

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Does temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference?

Please post a screen shot of the error displayed in a browser and the date/time system settings.

You can also temporarily uninstall EAV, install ESET Internet Security, activate a trial version and then:

- turn on advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for customer care
- reproduce the issue
- turn off logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.


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Mozilla has an article about system clock error messages here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-time-errors-secure-websites .

As noted in the article, this error is most likely due to the fact the system clock time is incorrectly set. Again verify your Windows time settings and for example, ensure that your time zone is correctly set. Also while there, re-sync your system clock using the Windows time servers. Now test to see if the FireFox system clock error no longer presents.

If the above doesn't help, note the section in the Mozilla article in regards to the BIOS clock and backup CMOS battery that is installed on your motherboard. Best way to check if the CMOS battery is still functioning is to boot to the Dell BIOS settings after the PC has been idle for a while. Then verify that the time shown in the BIOS is the correct clock time. Diagnosing this one is tricky since the PC must be fully powered off for a while. Win 10 fast startup option for example does not fully power down the PC. Power is still being applied to retain memory backup data.

I can't explain why this issue doesn't occur with Avast except perhaps the version you are using is not performing SSL/TLS protocol scanning. The clock issue in FireFox is because it needs correct system clock settings to validate HTTPS web site certificates.

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I just got home from work and reinstalled Nod32 Antivirus.  It is doing its updating and initial scan.  I noticed that it immediately blocked something called systemrequirementslab.services.ping.....or something like that.  It did that yesterday too.  What is that?

Also, if it acts up like it did before, I'll try to update this thread with the info you requested.  I'm going to bed right now so it may be tomorrow or Wednesday before I post the info.  

Thanks for your help.

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31 minutes ago, AndyD74 said:

systemrequirementslab.services.ping.....or something like that.  It did that yesterday too.  What is that?

It's related to AMD Catalyst. There's a prior discussion at https://forum.eset.com/topic/19961-eset-blocking-systemrequirementslab-in-amd-catalyst/

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I don't seem to be having this problem anymore.  I don't know what changed.  All I did was reinstall the Nod32 antivirus software and let it update and perform its intitial scan....which I did a few times before and it kept blocking most of the websites. 

I didn't change the clock or anything because I know it was right.  I already had it set to internet time, and the correct time zone, etc., which is how it was when I was having this problem before. 

So for now, everything seems to be ok.


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