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ESET Business 4 to File Server


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Sorry for my bad english

I want to change the Eset Business 4 AV to File Server in a Windows 2008R2.

I try to uninstall it but it freeze at "desinstalling drivers" and I had to restart the server because everything was blocked.


What is the best process to uninstall it in order to install Nod File Server?

Can i try to install directly File Server?


Thanks for your help.


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   There is no upgrade process that leads to Eset File Security for Windows Server, so no. You will need to uninstall cleanly to allow the installation. We have a knowledgebase article that discusses how to unisntall in these instances. Please follow the steps in the article below (please note that this requires safe mode, so you will need to schedule a service window most likely):





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