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Module Status "Unknown" - ECA

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Hello @Ric,

it seems there is an issue with the data replication to the ECA, maybe some connectivity issues.

You have a ticket with the ESET support opened, right? 

Regards, Peter

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  • ESET Staff

It looks to me, by the size of the "computer name column", that there is actually no Endpoint Security product installed, and only the agent. 

This is how it should look like. The little screen icon shows that you have a product installed.

computers screen.pngIf you apply a filter, and set the value to "no product" ,it should return you an empty screen. filter recommendation.pngIf it does not, you will have to install ESET Endpoint Security via the software install task. 

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I believe if only the Agent is installed and no AV product installed, then it'll be "Unknown".   That's my experience at least.


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