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I have had no problem with the software. However, since I purchased this security package for 5 machines,  April 29 2018 the cost has become counter productive to replace it. I have decided to go with another product and in order to do that I have to remove ESET from my system before I can place the software I purchased onto my hard drive.

This has proven to be a difficult task and my date of expiration is April 29, 2019. Today is April 26, 2019.

I hope this explains my predicament that i've found myself in.

I have no idea why the cost has risen so high that it is financially impractical for me to just update; but it is what it is, and here we are.

The package that I was considering doesn't even cover 5-computers and the cost has risen to almost twice what I paid for the software that I purchased last year.

I really have no desire to change product, it is just to much of an increase which I cannot afford at this time so my options have been very limited.

I need help to remove the ESET Product on my computer so that I can get a decent product which I can afford to replace it and I have little time to accomplish this task.

I would appreciate any assistance possible!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!   PEACE. CTsr.

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I don't think that prices have changed since last year.

Did you compare the price for the same product and period? How many devices do you have? Do you need a license for various operating systems or just for Windows or Mac?

E.g. a multi-device license for 3 devices and for 2 years costs $109,99:


A license for ESET Internet Security for 1 device and for 1 years costs $49,90:


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In addition to what Marcos posted...I see a 5 device/1 year (new)  license for $99.99 USD


Have you gone to the renew your license website to see what price is quoted there? https://www.eset.com/us/renew/

Also, I would be checking on Amazon as deals can be had there. Of course, should you go that route, do your due diligence.



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I have two laptops, 1 using Windows XP the other using Windows 7 Home Premium.   and two desktop computers, both operating under Windows 10, as well as, my Samsuung android cell phone.

So I was attempting to purchase the eset MULTI-DEVICE SECURITY 5D to replace the expired program on my system. NOTE: I just went online to confirm your information is reflected in the cost of replacement; which doesn't coincide with BEST BUY.

I have now ordered on line eset MULTI-DEVICE SECURITY 5D for 2-years at $139.99 which is more inline with what I felt is fair market value.

I appreciate your assistance in reaching out to me on this.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.   CTsr.

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