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Ali Akbar

ELA : Unit Management

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Hi ESET Support Team

Need your help to explain few thing in ESET License Administrator portal

  1. What difference between ‘Device’ and ‘Seat Name’ ?
  2. Why have device no activation date … what it mean?
  3. Why we have duplicate License for same device in ESET License list?(as below list)
  4. What does sub items mean in license (+) ?


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  1. Device name is the name of the device reported by the operating system. Seat name is the unique identifier derived from the computer name. You can rename it manually. In case of seat duplication (due to HWF issue).
  2. We will have to check this. It might be related to being activated from a cloned image, but will have to check on the server. I will need full names of the entries, and your public license ID to troubleshoot. 
  3. Due to the HWF issue. You can have a computer, which has been activated over LAN, and when it undocked and connected over wifi, it registered with another mac address and seat got duplicated, with the -1 after the seat name. 
  4. I do not mean what do you refer to. It indicates multiple product entries under the same hardware fingerprint. In case of the main license view, it groups bundled products. 

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