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All in one exit code list

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I am part of a team that is going to roll out V7 (mostly upgrading from V5) to ca. 1000 Windows users, many of them with poor Internet connectivity. The all-in-one (AIO) installer works, but I want it silent, so I'm planning to wrap the usual --silent --accepteula command line into an AutoIT script. During testing, I encounter various exit codes, e.g. 5002 which seems to mean "same product is already installed", but the bootstrapper log contains

[2018.12.19 15:37:57] ELI inf  INSTALL: Installation finished successfully (package=0).
[2018.12.19 15:37:57] ELI inf  INSTALL: Skipping package (package 1, acronym=eea, name='ESET Endpoint Antivirus').
[2018.12.19 15:37:57] BTS inf  Changing Return Code to 0x00000000 (0).
[2018.12.19 15:37:57] ELI inf  Installer aborted by an user.
[2018.12.19 15:37:57] BTS inf  Changing Return Code to 0x0000138A (5002).

Is there a list of exit codes and what they mean, so I can adjust the message displayed to the end user according to the exit code of the all in one installer? Or maybe is there a better way to deploy to 1000 users beyond LAN reach?


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