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Device Control EEA + EES V7 (newest version)


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Hi together,


Since 1-2h we have more and more the problem that usb devices not get warned they get instant blocked by user (without showing the notification screen and without asking)

In the log you can read blocked by user. We have only 85 V7 Clients Rest still V6.5 with this clients there are no problems.

The phenomenon is, its work 1-5 times with the same stick and after this attemps it gets blocked. No restart or shoutdown helps.

Any Info about this problem?

We have the newest version of ESMC Server all "problem" clients have EEA (2 or so on EES) the Agents are also actualy.

Normaly the usb policy allow some known sticks and all others gets warned but nothing gets blocked. This is a big problem for us i hope you can help quick.

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  • ESET Staff

Did you contact ESET customer care with this? This issue will have to be analyzed, and replicated before we issue any statement about a possible reason or a fix. I would strongly advise to open a customer care ticket. Can you send us maybe your policy via private message so we can test it in-house, and maybe identify the problem? 

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i  have identify the problem, the V7 Clients have a problem with the "old" policy i have create a new one and there are no problems. I dont know why this happens and why not instant. In my opinion it must be a problem with the database entry of the policy.

The ESET customer support is to slow and bad so i try every time to resolve this alone or with the good forum support ;)

I can send you the old policy with PM.

A question is if you see a possibility to export known devices from the old policy. (with sql or other ways?)

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The problem was the last "rule" dont know why, without no problems with V7.

Type               -  Action            - Users   -Severity    -Time

Disk Storage - Read/Write     - ALL      - Warning   -Always

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