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  1. New version 12

    From where you know about new version 11.2?
  2. New version 12

    And 11.2 when is expected? Whats the new features or improvements?
  3. hello friends my question

    Sure AV are not 100% depends on actual threats in the world and frequent updates. Eset UEFI adds as first in the world?? NOPE kaspersky have this from 2013 year as far i know Every AV have own optimization for better performance and detection like kaspersky have iswift and iChecker (scanning only changed or new created files)
  4. hello friends my question

    Hi, Welcome. I had Eset 6 years without problem then i switched to Kaspersky for 4 years no problem.. So Kaspersky have great protection more aggressive than Eset but Eset is lighter on system impact. Kaspersky in TOP class antivirus report always 1 or 2 place. So If you choose Eset you will not make a mistake. Good AV with good optimization. Check tests World Protrection, Performance, False alarms a lot of newest tests
  5. A word about new upcoming version 12? When will be available for testing?
  6. As far i know providers using NOD32 product..
  7. I know but i need block it on website when i login to my mail... For example yahoo or something like that. A lot of spammers trying me to contact for my personal info or number card etc. Still blocking and still new and new created account contacting me with same subject.
  8. Antispam not working on HTTP e-mail client. I know it is only supported MS Office outlook or mail apps. But i need include this feature to http mail client. Because i have a lot of spam in inbox.
  9. Please add virtual keyboard for entering password on screen with mouse on vritual keyboard.
  10. Eset taskbar icon

    I have latest ESET Internet Security I mean this settings window : And this icon
  11. Eset taskbar icon

    Hello, I would like to see again Eset taskbar icon like in version 4. Much better than now. Also setting - mismatch. Something new about new BETA version? *Mods or people can reply in slovak language