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  1. hi ITman, yes adding separately alternative links example retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/newuserreg.htm works but what is the possibility to redirect all the url's related to the domain rather adding one by one
  2. Hi Marcos, Actual url is "www.onlinesbi.com" but clicking the link such as "retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm" doesn't work. my understanding is once adding the parent domain example www.onlinesbi.com it should redirect all the urls related to this domain,
  3. Hi, I've enabled secure browsing for all the clients and it works fine only for when enter "www.bankname.com" whereas alternative link to the same domain like "www.://retail.bankname.com/retail/newuserreg.htm" not working. Though both links belongs to the same domain it affects only for the first. tried alternative methods using * before domain name but no luck. Kindly advice to redirect the listed url's to be redirect irrespective of the links, Thank you and appreciate.
  4. Thank you Marcos, Unfortunately we don't have local ESET support subscription but only license renewed from them and I don't think they will help to raise ticket, kindly advice if I can create through online or other way of raising the ticket? appreciate your support.
  5. Hi, We are running ESMC 7.2 and Mail security 7.3. With reference to the below snapshot, we've enabled rule to receive specific office document attachment like *.xls, *.xlsx, *.doc, & *.docs only as shown in the figure by this rule we are able to receive as expected but *.xlsx are getting blocked saying "found threat Blocked Object" "Attachment has been deleted by ESET Mail Security" only, tried to play around but no luck meantime disable the rule work fine. Kindly advice. Thank you
  6. Hi Marcos, Seems at server it is blocking because while opening the attachment it says Attachment has been deleted by ESET Mail Security
  7. HI, Email attachment with ext. RAR are getting blocked by ESET, kindly advise to enable via ESMC 7.2. Thanks
  8. Hi Experts, How to deploy password protection to the Management agent which is already deployed on the network? Thank you
  9. Hi Marcos, Sorry for late response! we've public holidays so couldn't check the above suggestion, will check and keep you updated! Thank you
  10. Hi Marcos, Windows Management Instrumentation service svhost.exe get block at client machine every time when executes the command over the network and its random port, the attached snapshot of built in and manually rules created rules for svhost to allow communicate, pls. advice
  11. Hi, Windows WMI instructions within the trusted zone blocked by clients I checked the "Allow incoming RPC communication in the Trusted zone" also tried manually adding the rules but this is not feasible as hundreds of computers and each computer takes randomly port for communication, kindly advice.
  12. Hi Marcos & Peter Randziak, Absolutely correct, even i didnt notice the update mirror was enabled causing heavy update, it works like charm after disabling it Thank you very much
  13. Hi Marcos, Just to reconfirm, uninstall one client and fresly installed withe the latest ver 7.3.2039.0 on win10 machine and you can see the updates are happening about 1 GB, pls. advice.
  14. Hi Marcos, Your understanding is partially correct , our current scenario is at least 50% of our clients are traveler whose first shift is at head office over LAN and second shift outside LAN accordingly configured all clients (LAN & WAN) to get primary updates over LAN if failed then get the updates which is working fine now after your suggestion but past 1 week watching clients are getting updates more than 1 GB expecting something wrong uninstall the client and install it again though it takes updates more than 1GB. Will do one client install and share your the snapshots soon
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