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  1. Hi, Our current scenario is, ERA 7.0 running on Win Server 2008 R2 and would like to migrate to Windows Server 2016. Kindly advice the steps to achieve this goal. Appreciate your support.
  2. Hi Marcos, I've installed ESTE Remote Administrator 7.1 and have deployed the clients, My query is, How I can use ERA to be my proxy server for all my clients for monitoring their web activity and web filtering, by this I want to achieve the bandwidth consumption by each user based to their activity accordingly I can reassign the bandwidth limitations for those users who consume the high bandwidth.
  3. Hi, Can you pls. advice to install my ESET Remote administration 7.1 to be proxy server for web filtering and monitoring for my clients. Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you Marcos, Can you pls. share me the link /documents to accomplish the goal. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Marcos & ewong, Clients are getting updates directly from the Internet. The reason being asking is, we've site connected via Data link no internet to them and all the clients in that site are not able to get the updates from Internet and always gives error notification of those PC. So My query is to how I can configure so that all clients contact to ESET server Manager on the LAN to get the updates. Hope it is clear for you
  6. Hi, Recently we've deployed ERA 7.0 successfully but we found it all the clients are getting updates though we've configured to connect to the server in order for the updates, kindly advice what went wrong?
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