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  1. Ah thanks i did not see, there are 2 cert fields in MDC Policy. I change the cert and now wait if "used by XX" will change to the new cert. EDIT: Changes are done and in the overview all is fine, i will wait some days bevor i revoke the old one. THX!
  2. The cert is only used for the eset server. I have attached all certs under "peer.." We install MDM in the year 2017 but i think this is the other cert? ("mobile Device Connector"?) We did not used any ERA proxy, the agent cert is also a other one. If i understand correct, the cert was created, when we install ERA the first time (new install and import old V5 Data) in 2015.
  3. Hi Martin, we have no "configuration policy for "ESET Remote Administrator Proxy"" -> we need to create one? Or if we didnt have one i can revoke the cert and all is fine? As i understand -> proxy is only used for Updates from own servers? We didnt have this actual.
  4. Hi Marcos, like i write: its the "proxy" cert (Certificate created during server assisted installation). And this cert is only for 5 years. It is only assigned to the eset server but i dont know where and how. (and we use ESET certs)
  5. Hi, i get a message that our proxy cert will be expire in 30 days. I have create a new one. Can someone describe where i must link the cert to be in the right place? thanks
  6. That was the "problem". This schould be changed in future releases, if i remove someone from the AD group he still appear in ESET and so i cant see if a person have access rights or not. thx for the fast reply
  7. Hi we have mapped security witch do not get new users or delete old according to AD Group. (Access rights for managment console) Test new group -> ESET find new group -> no members Server restart do not help. User sync is working correct (i see new users and old deleted are gone) Server Version latest ESET on MS 2012 R2 thx for help
  8. Login: Domain\User with have right to read Administrator is a local user mfg Rob
  9. Problem is solved, i stopped manual Mobile device connector and RDS Services. After this the task was correctly done.
  10. Hi i cant update over the Server Task (2 different errors): ReadUpgradeStatus: Upgrade of Agent from version '7.0.577.0' to '7.1.717.0' failed. Unexpected updater service Win32ExitCode 0x435 ReadUpgradeStatus: Upgrade of Agent from version '7.0.577.0' to '7.1.717.0' failed. Updater ServiceSpecificExitCode is 22: (0x16), Das Gerät erkennt den Befehl nicht How to solve this? Any ideas? I look on the Server and see there seems to be a problem with the services. A endless runing "close service..." for two services: EraAgentSvc and EraServerSvc and a new process "...ESET SECURITY ... UPDATE..." witch is set to manuell and not start. Is it a good idea to run/use the all in one updater? Last time i must setup Apache again and all certs where gone. OS is: 2012R2 with SQL Express 2016 thx for help
  11. Updates are working now, clients with update problem 94 -> 54. thx for what ever you have done
  12. I send you the logs from the testclient @Marcos
  13. i think so, maybe a ESET Server problem, i hope they fix quick, 94 clients affected till now.
  14. I test with a fresh VM -> no Modul Update possible (2 different errors) - Update load endless and wont start - Update starts and do not finish (like picture) I also Test with Regular Updates, Test Updates and slow Updates -> no change
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