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  1. This problem happens sometimes for me. Installation of EEA has been ended on PC, but task status didn't changed to "finished".
  2. Temporary solution: 1) Deactivation of the product on https://ela.eset.com/ 2) Reboot your PC 3) Rerun of Activation task on ERA Works for me on problem PC, but this is not a convenient solution to the problem.
  3. Same problem with one test PC running Windows 10 after remote update ESET Endpoint Antivirus from 6.6.2064 to 6.6.2068. PC's getting updates from cache proxy on ERA server (version 6.5.522.0) and activation usually works fine, when I'm running "Product activation" task on ERA server.
  4. HSW, so mb it might be some notes at this article about known issue of ERA I did it, MartinK.
  5. HSW, It's hardly to repair every PC manually with this method :((
  6. Hips deactivation, PC reboot and remote update of ERA Agent helps me on two problem PCs. There is no problem with removing Agent using ESET Uninstaller tool in safe mode. >How does AGENT behaves after failed upgrade attempt - is it still connecting to ERA? Yes, after fail of uninstallation Agent works and connecting with ERA server fine. >What is the version history of AGENT installation on problematic computers - i.e. what method was used to deploy AGENT (manual, remote deployment, GPO, SCCM) and which version? I'm using two methods of Agent deployment: -
  7. 1. ERA 2. I tried this method with the same result. HIPS module: 1299 (20170926)
  8. Hello! I tried to start task from ESET Remote Administrator Console, to update ERA Agent (new version 6.5.522.0), so, on some computers it ended with an error: "Service 'ESET Remote Administrator Agent' (EraAgentSvc) could not be stopped" When I try to remove ERA Agent through the computer's Control Panel, the installation hangs at ERA service stopping. Why on some PC uninstaller can't remove ERA agent?
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