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Workstation not accessible after upgrading to ERA 11.0

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Hello experts,

We were using ESMC 7.2 and agent 7 & 8 on the clients for which, ESET tecnical team upgrade to 11.0 and it was advised to manually remove the agents from the clients using safemode and re-deploy the latest agent so it was done.

It works for a week then due to unknown reason, all the machines got disconnected at the same time so ESET technical team again restored the database successfully but now no client show up even ERA server.   While discussing with the ESET technical team, it wa said that, as long as agen installed either10 / above should communicated with the ERA but this is not happenining, Tried to manually add the macine, deployed agent, manually reinstall the agent on top of it but none worked.  The only way i can get the clients to be appear in ERA is, remove the agent using safemode. 

Could you suggest the way to access the workstation?

thanks in advance

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23 minutes ago, Ricky Martin said:

 The only way i can get the clients to be appear in ERA is, remove the agent using safemode.

To make sure that I understand it correctly, do the clients start to connect to ESET PROTECT after removing the management agent and reinstalling it? You've mentioned only agent removal but the agent is what maintains communication with the PROTECT server so it must be installed and running for clients to report to ESET PROTECT.

We recommend to start troubleshooting connection issues by checking C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\status.html  and trace logs for possible errors. You can post the logs here as well. Attachments are accessible only by the ESET staff.

Speaking about ESET PROTECT server, do you use the latest virtual appliance based on Rocky Linux? If so, did you replace the default MySQL ODBC driver with a MariaDB one as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb8654?


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Please raise a support ticket and upload also status.html here.

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