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Eset blocking windows updates from wsus when web protection is on.


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I am using eset web protection to block all websites and allow certain ones. I have added hxxp://myserver.net:8030 and hxxp://myserver.net:8031 to the list for my wsus server. However when I run updates my windows 10 says we couldn't connect to the update service. I currently have a rule that allows both, tcp & udp, any ports to my lan network where the server sits. When I pause the firewall (Allow and Block) I am able to down load updates just fine. I am not sure what I am missing here. Any help would be grateful. 

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If disabling the firewall helps, please carry on as follows:

- enable advanced network protection logging under tools -> diagnostics
- reboot the machine
- reproduce the problem
- disable logging
- gather logs with ELC and provide me with the generated archive.

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After digging into this some more I narrowed down that if I disabled the firewall rules then all worked. I wasn't understanding why this was not working until I decided to look again at what policies where being applied to the machine. I had the policy that was allowing era to be the only thing allowed through. I was able to successfully add the wsus port and remote IP to the rules and wa la. (all is working). Sorry for posting something that was actually my fault from implementing. For future people reading, keep in mind to turn off your rules as a test to see if these are causing issues, if so look at all your policies being applied to see what is assigning rules. And check your client to see what settings have been applied. 

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