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ARP Cache Poisoning attack

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1 hour ago, smuggler.ie said:

don't say it is ESET's fault as it reports this one TV, on different PC's , no matter on what IP and what way i set it up.

Check your router settings in regards to that device. Make sure that there aren't duplicate IP entries set up for it somehow. Also while there, make sure all IP addresses used are unique. I really believe the source of your issue is at the router. 

Another possible source of the duplicate IP addresses is the Samsung Smart Hub you are using. If only this one TV is powered on are you still receiving Eset IDS duplicate log entries?

As far as the laptop analogy goes. Yes, it has separate Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. But only one network connection can be active at any given time.  

With this said, I am out of ideas and bowing out at this point.

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