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eset product is installed but not running?

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After installing Endpoint on clients, it should be up and running alright after activation. If not and some errors are reported on the main screen, the best course of action would be to gather logs with ESET Log Collector and providing the generated zip file to customer care for analysis. You can also provide the archive to me and in case the cause of issues is obvious, I'd let you know how to fix it.

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ESET Log Collector from ERA is only working for Windows so far I can see. The problem occourd on Tablets (android) and on Mac devices. There is a way to take control of these devices and check it from there. The only problem is that we have to call our customer to check it. It would be fine if ERA could let the ESET run again or get logs from Mac and Android too. In that way we can do multipli devices in once and we don't have to call the customers.


Is there a chance that a re-install of ESET will work? 

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