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  1. Hi, Since 4 days ago our ESET Security Management Center Server isn't starting anymore. If I try to start the service, it automatic shutdown. There is litterly no way to get it started again. Since ERA 7.0 we have more downtime then uptime. I tryd this already - Reboot server - Shutdown server and then turn on - Reinstall Tomcat - Repaired ESMC - check event viewer for problems, the only thing I can see is that the service has been shutdown for no reason - Force start the service Server 2012R2 Datacenter ERA version 7.0
  2. Thats kinda the problem, I don't want to update it with ERA web. Since ERA 7.0 we only have problems and updating trough ERA is a pain in the . but it might be the only option for now. Thanks for the help
  3. I tryd a new AIO but that isn't working. Still the same error. I even said to the installer "Remove AV", but that didn't help at all. I don't know why it won't overwride a older version of ESET.
  4. I did delete ESET and used the deployment. Version 7 of ESET was deployed with no problem in less then 2 min. Then again I delete ESET again and install 6.6. Again I tryd to depoy 7.0 over 6.6, but again the same problem. Clean deployment is working fine. Overwrite 6.6 still not working. I will try a new AIO installer
  5. They user that I use should have full admin rights. I used this user to push Endpoint 6.6 for the first time a few months ago. I will use a other user with full admin rights, just to be sure. I want to deploy the endpoint to a Windows 7 machine. If that machine works then I will deploy it all over the company. Most of the pc's are Windows 7, some of them are W10
  6. @Cssinfo Thanks for the answer I did this part "ESMC_Installer_x64_fr_CA.exe --silent --accepteula" but that isn't working. If I try to install the all-in-one installer with they hand on the machine, it is working fine. Might there be a problem that I want to overwrite version 6.6?
  7. Hi, I want to upgrade endpoint 6.6 to 7.0 with PDQ deployment. But I encounter a problem when I do this. I did make a all-in-one installer through ERA for version 7.0 --silent --accepteula << This is in the parameters When I deploy it to my workstations I get 5013 error returned. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. I have found the problem by my self. (again...) And in they meantime I enrolled a fix that is working on like 50% of the devices already. Thanks for trying to help me Marcos I contacted ESET support by phone days ago, and till this day they aren't able to fix it. Lucky me, I found the fix.
  9. Dear Marcos, Endpoint weren't older then v6, that is one thing for sure. they where between 6.0 and 6.6.** I did a test as you said, nothing helped :(. Endpoints still won't activate and I am sure that I deployed the policy. Thanks I will contact them for the plugin
  10. Dear Marcos, 1. That depends on the client. Can be a very old one to a very new one. I don't know of all my client wich one the had before. 2. There is one delivery by ESET? I Used the autotask plugin wich I normaly use (just a powershell command), because activate ESET through ERA is a hell. They are connectecd to the internet and the can connect to the activation server. No proxy server on. The error is: Task failed in the security product. If I use the Autotask plugin (powershell command) I get: Ecmd encountered an error ees_logs.zip
  11. Hi, Since I updated the endpoint to 6.6.2081.1 I get alot of devices saying that ESET isn't activated. This is a big problem since every minute more and more devices are updating and get this error. - Used a task to activate the client, didnt help at all - Tryd to activate it manual, no way that this is possible - Tryd to activate it with powershell. Not working on this version. Older version will activate with powershell Anyone facing the same problem as me? And how can we fix this?
  12. On a few endpoints I get the next error while updating the endpoint: GetFile: Cannot connect to host 'repository.eset.com' [error code: 20003] There is no proxy set! I am using ERA 6.5 Is there a way to fix this?
  13. ESET Log Collector from ERA is only working for Windows so far I can see. The problem occourd on Tablets (android) and on Mac devices. There is a way to take control of these devices and check it from there. The only problem is that we have to call our customer to check it. It would be fine if ERA could let the ESET run again or get logs from Mac and Android too. In that way we can do multipli devices in once and we don't have to call the customers. Is there a chance that a re-install of ESET will work?
  14. Is there a way that we can remotely let eset run on the device? Like making a new task and give the task the object to turn on eset on that device or something?
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