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GUI painting issues, hanging

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Hello, it may just be me, but I've now installed Smart Security 7 on three machines.  Between all three, there are not that many similarities, but they each have gui painting and hanging issues with ESS7.  And I am running .302, which, I have read was supposed to resolve gui issues.


As an example, I have the client open and I select the update tab.  Then, I select the scan tab.  I get a large empty black frame painted over most of the client interface.  As annoying as this is, it then hangs my system up.  Some things work fine (IE11, go figure...), other things won't work at all or also hang.  I've seen this across all three of my machines with some variance, but in all cases I expect better from ESET products.  I've been struggling with the desire to got back to ESS5 which I know had been working just fine (at least on two of the machines -- the other was a blank and a complete fresh build). 


I've disabled HIPS with no apparent difference.  And I've seen similar types of issues with SysInspector as well.  No other apps display this behavior.


The first and obvious issue was the video drivers.  I've made sure they are all up-to-date, and even attempted to roll back to prior versions.  No difference.  And we're talking both AMD and Nvidia.  I thought maybe Windows 8.0 versus 8.1.  Both have the same problems.  Intel versus AMD processors?  No.  Same behavior.  Desktop versus laptop. Again, same issue.  Old running install versus 8 month build, versus fresh build.  Again, issue displayed.  The only thing that I can think that is similar is the same across all three platforms is my Canon printer drivers.  I'm hard-pressed to point to that versus that ESET has a bug somewhere. 


And, yes, I have run virus scans on all three, albeit struggling through the issue.  :)


I'd like some help in getting this fixed, as using the tool now is quite annoying and I expect better.  Having my systems partially hang for two minutes or more regarding security management does not instill confidence, rather discomfort.



Thank you.



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