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HIPS blocking my IPv6 service, how to unblock?

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Hi guys

I'm trying to enable teredo service which rely on the TCPIP6 service. But I keep failing at trying to enable TCPIP6 service.

It seems that the key value "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters\DisableComponents" is being protected by HIPS and therefore I can't modify its value.( modified it, reboot, still remain unchanged)

So my question is,  is HIPS blocking the TCPIP6 service? How to get it unblocked?


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If it was HIPS that prevented you from modifying the registry value, you would have got an error immediately. You can try temporarily disabling self-defense or HIPS completely and reboot the machine to rule out HIPS as a culprit.

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The Win service used by Teredo is IP Helper. Use Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Services and check the startup setting for IP Helper. It should be set to Automatic.

Next, check your Eset Network Protection settings -> Firewall -> Advanced and check if  "Also evaluate rules from Windows Firewall" is enabled. If it is, then the Eset firewall is additionally using the Win firewall inbound rules. Access the Win firewall settings via Control Panel. Then select Advanced Settings -> Inbound Rules. Verify that the "Core Networking - Teredo" rule is enabled.

Also check your network adapter connection settings and verify that IPv6 is enabled for it.

Note this. Teredo has nothing to do with "real" IPv6 networking and as a rule should be disabled for security reasons if that is the case. Teredo is IPv6 over IPv4 network connection "transitioning" technology as Microsoft puts it to allow tunneled IPv6 traffic on an existing IPv4 network connection. 

Finally, most ISPs still don't fully support IPv6. As such they implement other IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling methods to support it. As such, Teredo is not necessary. 

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