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Firewall issue

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Hi There,

I’m facing the issue with the firewall rules in automatic mode from ERA console. I created the rule to allow inbound traffic for certain port number. After creating the rule in ERA console I saved the configuration and log out. When I recheck rules, rules were disappeared. Same with trusted zones, the IP address wont be there.

When the same rules created or trusted zone on client machine, the rules will be present but from ERA server, it just wont work.

There is one more issue, I cannot upgrade ESET components from ERA console from client task, task will be in planned state even after 2 days. When the trigger was ASAP.



Server: Windows server 2012 R2 64 bit

ESET ERA server version:

ESET ERA web console version: 6.4.281

update module 1069 (20161122)

Translation support module 1636 (20171010)

configuration module 1526.5 (20170926)

sysinspector module 1269 (20170321)


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  • ESET Staff

Are there any rules configured by ERA policy? As of now, you can´t have FW in the automatic / interactive mode, and at the same time set rules via policies, as that would make the list "read only". We will change the behavior in V7 Endpoint (anticipated for Q1/2018), where local rules will be written locally, and not interfere with the global (set by policy) ones. You will be able to configure application order via ERA.

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