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Found 17 results

  1. Hi. We are going to make the migration from eset remote administrator to eset cloud administrator. I have some doubts. 1. Can an all-in-one installer be generated from eca but be offline? that is, do not make an Internet request during the process? since there are 240 teams and they are going to consume a lot of bandwidth 2. Can I install 2 http proxies in 2 different branches for downloading updates? I appreciate your help
  2. Hello, ERA tells me all the clients have a rogue MAC address... How can i fix this. Before ERA was fine with the MAC addresses. Regards, MBeekman
  3. Hi, Our ERA server died and I am rolling our new client PC's. I can't deactivate the licenses that were issued through the old ERA server to assign to the new clients. I don't want another ERA server, I would like to manage licenses through ELA. Can I get all the licenses on my account deactivated and activate clients from scratch? Cheers, Sam
  4. So I have completely automated my deployment of ESET, and I'm so excited. From the first time a computer is PXE booted until I give it to the user, I will have 0 need to do anything in ESET other than verify that it is installed. However, I still have a backlog of machines that need something or another fixed. Currently, I have a dynamic group that will search for machines in AD every 15 minutes and it looks for machines that have the Agent but not EES. I then have a task that will trigger every time that group is changed and will automatically attempt to deploy the EES to the new machines. Most times it works flawlessly. However, there are times when the auto-deploy doesn't work. The task could be interrupted and the EES doesn't install. So how can I automate a retry on failed machines so that it will attempt to push it to machines that did not get the EES when they first joined the dynamic group? I could schedule a daily task, but what suggestions do you guys have? Maybe a CRON expression?
  5. When I try creating an all-in-one installer, I go through all the configuration choices. When I'm done and ready to download the installer for Windows clients I get this error message "Failed to download installer: Invalid certificate or certificate password provided." Why am I getting this error? I entered the passphrase that I entered when I first deployed the Virtual Appliance and also tried using a different passphrase but neither will work.
  6. Hello, Is there any option, tool or maintenace task to decrease the database of the ERA v6. It has inside hundreds of thousands unneeded logs and I want to get rid of them. Era version is 6.5 & database is MSSQL Express. Thanks, Peter
  7. Hello Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to migrate to external database, I configured ERA VA to use external mysql, imported era_db database, ERA connects fine, but some strings on the web interface don't display, mainly menus contents, like context menu, quick links menu, like on attached screenshots EDIT: ok, i feel stupid, the problem was caused by uBlock origin ad blocking addon
  8. Is ERA v6.3.136.0 no longer available for download? My batch file always returns an error when I try to install it and if I go to hxxp://us-repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/era/agent/v6/ I get a Not Found error message.
  9. halo, my environment : ubuntu, era 6.5. i'm trying to create a policy data based on "built in policy". i can not find the required data ("Binary data of the serialized policy.") for "policyData" attribute. here is my json. i erase the policyData.data content, because it is very long. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Policies.RpcCreatePolicyRequest": { "staticObjectData": { "name": "Antivirus - Maximum security ole", "description": "Taking advantage of advanced heuristic, LiveGrid, IdleState Scanner, Automatic device scan after connection, SSL filtering. Detection of potentially unsafe, unwanted and suspicious applications is not affected. Exclusions are overwritten." }, "policyData": { "data": "long data......----------", "product": "eset.local.products.endpoint" } } } so far i manage to find the qualified product names they are in the tbl_policies table, but i cant find the "Binary data of the serialized policy." i tried to use the extremely long "policy_data" field from the same data. the JSON reponse was okay, but in the web console the settings panel not working, displaying error message "ERROR WHILE INITIALIZING CONFIGURATION EDITOR". i have no idea what else to try. any insight are welcome. thanks in advance.
  10. i try to set add access type for Groups & Computers in my permission set. via serverAPI. here is the json : { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Security.RpcCreateCompetenceRequest" : { "staticObjectData": { "name":"permission_set", "description":"permission_set" }, "accessRights" : [{"accessType":1, "resourceUuid":{"uuid":"00000000-0000-0000-7004-000000000000"}] } to create access rights "read", "write", or "read use" using 1, 2,and 5 values respectively. i though they were binary "001", "010", "101", which match perfectly with the terms "read", "write", and "read use". so i can use "111" for functionality "read write use". "111" is 7 if i use this value in the json, the API return error { "Era.ServerApi.SimpleResponse": { "result": false, "error": "Can not parse protobuf from message. Json message is: {\"staticObjectData\":{\"name\":\"test\", \"description\":\"test permission set\"},\"accessRights\":[{\"accessType\":7, \"resourceUuid\":{\"uuid\":\"00000000-0000-0000-7004-000000000000\"}}]} ." } } 3 ("011") and 4 ("100") also not working, return success but no permission granted. The accessRight property is not a binary representation of the 3 column ("read", "write", "use"), so how to set an access right to "read write use" ?
  11. Hi There, I’m facing the issue with the firewall rules in automatic mode from ERA console. I created the rule to allow inbound traffic for certain port number. After creating the rule in ERA console I saved the configuration and log out. When I recheck rules, rules were disappeared. Same with trusted zones, the IP address wont be there. When the same rules created or trusted zone on client machine, the rules will be present but from ERA server, it just wont work. There is one more issue, I cannot upgrade ESET components from ERA console from client task, task will be in planned state even after 2 days. When the trigger was ASAP. Thanks! Server: Windows server 2012 R2 64 bit ESET ERA server version: ESET ERA web console version: 6.4.281 update module 1069 (20161122) Translation support module 1636 (20171010) configuration module 1526.5 (20170926) sysinspector module 1269 (20170321) Thanks!
  12. ESET Remote Administrator is a complex solution that can be deployed on a various number environments. In order to help the other community members and ESET staff understand the topic better, please consider including these information in your post: Version of ERA (You can find the version of your ERA in About section of Web Console) OS type and version: OS of ERA Server (Windows / Linux / Virtual Appliance ), eventually OS of Client device, if it is part of your question. If possible, please describe the current problematic setup / desired setup you want to achieve, or situation that you are attempting to address. Thank you.
  13. Hi. I downloaded ERA OVA image and created a virtual machine under VMWARE. How to switch all devices to new server? Is there a way of doing that?
  14. Hi I've setup a Dynamic Group Template with the following Expression Storage devices . Storage encryption status IN encrypted and it's working fine with detection of Windows 10 devices but not showing any OSX device (I'm pretty sure those have storage encryption enabled). What can I do? BTW the filter reads "Storage ecryption (sic) status" in the web appliance. Thanks for your help
  15. Hey, Just wondering if there was any addition Documentation in creating Json calls\requests to the Era Api. I keep getting the Connection closed unexpectedly and dont receive a response does the port number point to the api or is there a specific address Also if there is a possibility of a .net sdk even a beta one that would be good
  16. Out of the 45 computers managed with ERA 6.5 there is 1 computer that just refuses to complete. I have tried 3 different ways to install the software, different ways to register the licence and it does not complete properly. If I install the Agent on its own (windows .bat file), it shows in ERA. It will not install Endpoint via ERA push. If I install the Agent via the standalone installer, it does not show in ERA. It will not activate via ERA or Admin login. If I install the Agent and the Endpoint software via the all-in-one installer with Agent already installed, it fails to install. If I install the Agent and the Endpoint software via the all-in-one installer, it does not show up in ERA or Activate. I have tried using the ESET AV Remover, clearing the Windows Registry, resetting the winsock, testing DNS, powering off for 5 minutes and a complete fresh install of Agent and Endpoint using Windows 7 True Administrator. None of it works. I must stress that this problem is just with 1 computer (and it IS numbered 13!). Can anyone help? Thanks!
  17. I have ERA 6.5 I had a number of windows servers with EFS 6.5 and an older agent. My understanding was that I can upgrade the agent via a client task: "Remote Administrator Components Upgrade" I set such a task and ERA console showed that the task was complete, however the version on the clients remained at 6.3 In the end at this site I ended up creating an update batch file, which I then ran by other means, this worked and the and ERA Agent is now at 6.5 I have 2 other customers with a similar scenario so before I start on them can you please advise: Am I correct that "Remote Administrator Components Upgrade" is meant to upgrade agent on clients, and if so why do you think it didn't work in this case? regards Roga
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