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Dear ESET Technical Support,

Today I have downloaded ESET Internet Security 11, however when I check the file detail there are seem like inconsistency between File Version & Product Version, in File Version is however in  Product Version is as per screen shot below.

Please clarify which is wrong type 

Thanks & B/regards,

File Version ESET Internet Security 11.jpg

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To clarify the discrepancy, "File version" is an internal version of the codebase and does not tell anything about the actual product version. It can be completely different that "Product version" which is the number that actually tells you what version of the product it is.

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1 hour ago, jamess3973 said:

Is the server very busy?

I'm getting about 200 kbps. It went up to 1 mbps near the end though.

I had exactly the same results and it was also reported in a different thread by another user. It appears that the server is very busy.


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